The eye-catcher among the functional furniture.


Thoughtful details such as a subtle shadow gap on the front of the case, modden sidewalls made slate look and different wall thicknesses underline the timeless design and lend simple elegance and sophisticated feel to the product. High-quality steerable furniture rollers round off the appearance and allow comfortable use through simple maneuvering.


Three distinct color designs perfectly match different room concepts, no matter if elegant, rustic or trendy.


In Addition to three different colors, we also offer three models - from the standard version to fully equipped professional version with table and rail.


Furniture Coolers from TM Lifestyle store the cold inside the cooler for several hours without being connected to the current.


Technical information can be found in the shop. Please click here:



With the Integrated Coolers from TM Lifestyle you get the perfect complement for your design furniture and shelving systems.

Suitable for designer furniture for manufacturers USM Haller, Mirror, Montana or others. For optimal cooling and unforgettable enjoyment. Whether for business or pleasure.


The built-in cooler is not firmly integrated in the piece of furniture and can therefore be easily dismantled and installed in another piece of furniture.

Available in a narrow and wide frame.

Technical information can be found in the shop. Please click here:

NEW: Design furniture from TM Lifestyle with cooling function for private and business premises.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use timeless, functional and elegant.

Do you already have a piece of designer furniture? TM Lifestyle also offers its coolers separately without furniture trim.


Your design piece of furniture remains in the foreground and is the centerpiece of room - our Integrated Cooler is an elegant detail here.