TM Lifestyle - where thoughtful design meets lifestyle

For several decades we TM Technischer Gerätebau GmbH – have specialized in the manufacture and assembly of individual

customer solutions. Our strengths are cooling solutions and other lifestyle products for medium and small series. In addition to milk coolers, cup warmers, top modules and cooling combinations, TM Lifestyle's product portfolio also includes

elegant design furniture with a cooling function.

 Third Places

 timeless, functional and elegant




Thoughtful details such as a subtle shadow gap on the front of the case, modern sidewalls, made slate look and different wall thicknesses

underline the timeless design and lend simple elegance and sophisticated feel to the product. High-quality steerable furniture rollers round off the appearance and allow comfortable use through simple maneuvering. 


The perfect combination for pleasantly pre-warmed cups and a fine creamy milk foam