For several decades we – TM Technischer Gerätebau GmbH – have specialized in manufacturing and assembling of individual

customer solutions.

Our strengths are cooling solutions and other lifestyle products for medium and small series.

Above all, we serve the coffee market with products of our brand TM Lifestyle.
We can count renowned manufacturers such as Melitta, Franke, WMF Group, Aequator etc, to our solid customer base since many years.


In addition to Milk Coolers, Cup Warmers, Add-on Modules and cooling combinations, TM Lifestyle's product portfolio also includes elegant

design furniture with a cooling function.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we also develop and manufacture individual product solutions in quantities according

to your demands and requirements. Our approach is always in close cooperation with our customers.


TM Lifestyle The new brand of TM, where thoughtful design meets lifestyle.


Our personal aim is to to further expand the Lifestyle product range over the next few years and to inspire you with a great variety of products.


On the following pages you will find out more about our Lifestyle product range, from Milk Coolers to Cup Warmers, to Add-on Modules and Combination devices.